National WASP WWII Museum
Avenger Field Sweetwater, Texas
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Pin on your Big Girl Wings T-Shirt

Silver WASP wings on 50/50 cotton tee shirt. White lettering says: “Pin on your big girl wings … and fly!”



Pistol Packin Mama T-Shirt

Courage and pride leaps from this picture of WASP and the B-17. Sepia color, silk screen image on 50/50 cotton tee.



WASP Museum Polo

Official WASP Museum polo. Classic 100% cotton piquet polo with embroidered Fifi patch.



Women Fifi T-Shirt

100% cotton tee shirt White lettering says “National WASP WWII Museum … Avenger Field …Sweetwater, TX”



Marching Girls T-Shirt

Women Airforce Service Pilots in front of original Hangar One. 1943 print on a 50/50 cotton tee.




And Still Flying … The Life and Times of WASP Elizabeth “Betty” Wall Strohfus

by Patric Roberts

As Betty’s son, Patric has traveled extensively with his mother and has chronicled her story, stories of other WASP, and aviation timelines in this book. Soft bound.


Angels Without Wing

by Dr. James Cutler

Recollections by James Cutler of his grandmother, WASP Lois C. Cutler


Flying For Her Country, The American and Soviet Women Military Pilots of World War II

by Amy Goodpaster Strebe

How events on opposite sides of the world impacted the history of women in aviation.


Letters Home

by WASP “Bee” Haydu

In February of 1944, “Bee” Haydu was accepted into the WASP. Her Mother saved the letters Bee wrote home describing her training and tour of active duty. They tell a fascinating story of her military experiences and some of the problems she had to overcome in order to become and remain a professional pilot.


Women in the Wild Blue: Target-Towing WASP at Camp Davis

by David Stallman

David Stallman’s book focuses on the experience of the WASP who towed targets at Camp Davis in North Carolina but includes much, much more. David provides time line, information about the beginnings of the WASP, brief biographical sketches of WASP and more. Hard bound


Wings over Sweetwater: the History of Avenger Field, Texas

by Major Bennet B. Monde

Major Bennet B. Monde, Sweetwater resident and USAF veteran, presents the aviation history of Sweetwater, TX. Aerial, ground and classic candid photos and other documentation make Monde’s book a valueable resource. Hard Bound


Winning My Wings: A Woman Airforce Service Pilot in World War

by WASP Marion Stegeman Hodgson

The very personal account of a WASP journey from the time she left home until she married. A love story. Hard Bound.


Double Victory: How African American Women Broke Race and Gender Barriers to Help Win World War II

by Cheryl Mullenbach

Offering a new and diverse perspective on WWII including source notes and bibliography. An invaluable addition to any student’s or history buffs bookshelf. Hard bound.


Flight to Destiny

by Sarah Byrn Rickman

A novel based loosely on the story of the WAFS who were aviation pioneers and their impact on WWII. Winner of the Greyden Press Competition 2013 fiction category. Soft Bound.


Girls of Avenger

by WASP Alyce Stevens Rohrer

The story revolves around the class of 44-W-4.Events and experiences actually happened. The names of the women, their instructors and military check pilots are fictionalized. Soft Bound.


Dancing in Combat Boots

by Teresa R. Funke

When the going got tough during WWII – American women got going. A collection of short stories, based on actual women whose capable hands were needed to replace those of the husbands and sons who were battling overseas. Soft bound.


Daughter of the Air: The Brief Soaring Life of Cornelia Fort

by Rob Simbeck

Biography of Cornelia Fort’s career as one of America’s aviation pioneers. As a member of the WAFS, she was the first woman to die in the service of her country in WWII. This book contains letters and diaries, historical documents and interviews with those who knew and flew with her. Soft bound.


Dear Mother and Daddy: World War II Letters Home from a WASP An Autobiography

by WASP Marie Mountain Clark

Marie – a determined and cheerful young woman with a great love of life, full of enthusiasm about flying, and a dedication to excellence that served her well not only as a pilot, but in her extensive and accomplished musical career. Her letters offer a glimpse into the experiences of WASP training and her life as the wife of an Air Force Pilot during WWII. Hard bound.


n Eighth Air Force Combat Diary: Combat Missions Flown with the 100th Bomb Group, England 1944-1945

by John A. Clark, 1st Lieutenant, USAAF

Husband of WASP Marie Mountain Clark, John tells of his experiences as a fighter pilot in WWII. Over 150 unpublished photographs accompany this true war story. Hard bound signed by the author.



by KJ Tillinghast

A work of fiction telling the story of Kirby Stevens, a pioneer woman aviator in the WASP. Sixty-five years later, as the WASP are about to receive the Congressional Gold Medal, Kirby’s confession has investigators scrambling….. Soft bound.


WASPs: Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII

by Vera Williams

This beautifully illustrated book has more than 150 photographs of WASP in training, and on duty - capturing the true spirit of the “fly girls” of the forties. Included are stories, remembrances and the Congressional Gold Medal. A comprehensive and historical account of the WASP. Hard bound.


Women Military Pilots of World War II: a History with Biographies of American, British, Russian and German Aviators

by Lois K. Merry

Women in the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union flew military airplanes in organized units during WWII, yet their stories are largely unknown. Topics covered include the training of female pilots, how female flight units were developed and structured, the hazards of conflict, and how these women reintegrated into civilian life following the war.


Yankee Doodle Gals: Women Pilots of World War II

by Amy Nathan

This book celebrates the courageous spirit of these World War II aviation pioneers; women who were not afraid to follow their dreams. Hard back.


Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II

by Sarah Byrn Rickman

Nancy Harkness Love recruited and led the first twenty-eight women to fly military aircraft for the U.S. – the WAFS. She was an accomplished aviatrix and visionary pioneer. Often overlooked in comparison to Jackie Cochran, Nancy made her own indelible mark on history. Soft Cover.


She Flew Bombers

by Jeane Slone

The fictional account of one woman’s love of flying and her involvement with the WASP during World War II. Soft back.


Jacqueline Cochran: Biography of a Pioneer Aviator

by Rhonda Smith-Daugherty

This biography explores Cochran’s childhood, her early career as a pilot, and her role in creating the Women Airforce Service Pilots during WWII. It also chronicals her postwar exploits, including participation in the NASA space program, her unsuccessful bid for Congress and her reluctance to crusade for the advancement of women. Soft cover.


Going for the Gold

by Bill Young

Going for the Gold is the story, in photographs and text, of the Women Airforce Service Pilots on the way to receive their Congressional Gold Medal and the events that took place after the ceremony. Bill Young is the son of WASP Millicent Amanda Peterson Young.


Nancy Batson Crews: Alabama’s First Lady of Flight

by Sarah Byrn Richman

A hybrid between biography and oral history. The story of Nancy Batson Crews who qualified as an original Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) pilot and ferried high performance aircraft during WWII


Pip Squeek: the Half-sized Jeep

by Evelyn Harless

Pip-Squeek tells how to differentiate between WWII military jeeps and post-WWII jeeps, shares tidbits of war history, and helps you gain an appreciation for the military vehicles that were so important to the wars in which they served. Soft cover.


Flying With the Flak-Pac: a Pacific War Scrapbook

by Kenny Kemp

A son tells his father’s story of the War in the Pacific flying a B-24 Liberator. Over 1,000 photos, maps and illustrations bring the Pacific War to life through a young pilot’s eye.


Violet the Pilot

by Steve Breen

If the kids at school knew that Violet could create flying machines, they might not tease her. The air show might be her chance to win their respect … or maybe something better could happen. Hard back.


WASP of the Ferry Command

by Sarah Byrn Rickman

The story of the women ferry pilots who flew more than 9 million miles in 72 different aircraft,  and helped sustain the vital flow of military aircraft across the country during WWII.  The third in a trilogy by Rickman including The Originals and Nancy Love and the WASP.  Hardback


Airplanes of the Second World War

by Carol Demand

46 planes including fighters, bombers, reconnaissance and transport planes from World War II.  Illustrations of American, British, Japanese and German aircraft.  A wonderful tool for teachers.


Finding Dorothy Scott
Letters of a WASP Pilot

by Sarah Byrn Rickman

Dorothy Scott was one of the thirty-eight Women Airforce Service Pilots who died while serving her country. The book is based on her letters written to her family while she was serving with the WAFS/WASP.

(Signed by the author)


WE SERVED TOO - the Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II

A first hand account from WASP who share personal stories and discuss their unique experiences that make up the WASP history. Authors, historians and family members also share their stories and knowledge.


SILVER WINGS/FLYING DREAMS - the Complete story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots

WASP relive their personal experiences and the challenges they faced during their sixty-six year long struggle for recognition and veterans rights.


RED TAILS: The Real Story of the Tuskegee Airmen

They were treated as second class citizens, yet many (if not all), of the African American men who joined the Tuskegee Institute volunteered to serve during WWII. Archival footage transports you to the battles where some of America's bravest men fought in the air and on the ground.



W.A.S.P. Pin

Replica of lapel pin issued to Women Airforce Service Pilots as part of their official uniform - worn on both left and right lapels.


Pin - Large WASP Wings

Replica of wings presented to WASP upon graduation.


Pin – Small WASP Wings

Replica of wings worn on jacket lapels.


Fifinella Pin

Cloisonné pin of “Fifi” - the official WASP mascot. She was adapted from the book The Gremlins by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Walt Disney


Flag Pin

Replica of patriotic pins worn by mothers, wives and sweethearts of WWII servicemen. A great way to show national pride today.


WASP Beret Pin

Replica of the brass pin worn by WASP on dress uniform berets.


WASP Congressional Gold Medal Coin

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history with this smaller replica of the Congressional Gold Medal received by the WASP in March of 2010.


Fifinella Patch

This Fifinella patches resembles the patches worn by the WASP on their flight jackets.


Iconic picture of WASP Shirley Slade on the July 19, 1943 LIFE magazine cover

Wearing flight helmet, goggles, scarf, with WASP Museum Fifi patch on the jacket. Ages 3 & up.

12.5" x 18.5"

Ceramic Mug

Enjoy your morning coffee in a black mug showcasing the WASP LIFE magazine cover on one side and the "Pistol Packing Mama's" on the other.



Eco-friendly reusable shopping bag featuring the WASP "Pistol Packing Mama's"


Tervis Fifinella Tumbler(24 oz.)

High-quality 24 oz. tumbler made by Tervis.


Tervis MUG with Fifi patch (15 oz.)

Keeps drinks hot or cold. Lifetime guarantee . Assorted color lids


Tervis Water Bottle (24 oz.)

This Tervis water bottle is your new exercise partner. Flip lid for easy opening.  Dishwasher safe.


Fifi throw

Read, relax or travel with this year round throw. The WASP mascot," Fifi" is embroidered on the micro fur side of this faux lambswool backed throw .

50" x 60" - machine washable

Hand Stamped Aluminum Cuff Bracelets

Bracelet Words Read:


Limited Edition 2017 Christmas Tee

Fifinella spreads Holiday Cheer in this long sleeve, 50% cotton tee shirt. Order fast while sizes last. .






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