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has landed at the WASP Museum


The purchase price of the UC-78 was made possible in part by the following Museum partners. The Museum continues to raise additional funds for the purchase price. Will you consider donating today?

Robert S. Williams

Kenneth C. and Ann Holben Zuhr in memory of Margery Moore Holben WASP 43-4

Friends and family of Richard L. “Dick” Spears

Matt Moore, in celebration of his mother, Katharine Joy Merritt-Moore 43-W-7.

Thank You!

Originally built as the civilian Cessna Model T-50 beginning in 1939, the twin-engine plane was adopted for use by the Army Air Forces as the AT-17 and UC-78 for multi-engine training of pilots expected to become transport or bomber pilots in World War II. It is constructed from “non-strategic” materials consisting of fabric covered tubular steel fuselage and wood wings. Because of its wood construction it was jokingly referred to by pilots as the “Bamboo Bomber.” In reality it contained no bamboo and was never a bomber.

The Cessna UC-78 Bobcat was used by the WASP for multi-engine training. There were as many as forty of the twin-engine trainers at Avenger Field during the summer of 1943.

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WASP trainees paying homage to the almighty UC-78 as they anticipated taking their check rides before earning their wings.