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On this page, you will find many generous donors who have given to the Museum in honor or in memory of a WASP or loved one.


To find the name of a WASP and view who has given in her name, please click on the letter range of her last name and scroll through the list.

A — F

In Honor and Memory of all WASP Pilots
Clement, Daniel
Long, Thomas
Nelson, Helen
Rust, Robert

WASP Kate Lee Adams, 44-W-2
by WASP Ann, Moss

WASP Esther Mueller Ammerman, 43-W-8
Huldah Sunday School Class, Deer Park Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky
In Memory of WASP Marybelle Lyall Arduengo, 44-W-4
Lyall, Barbara

In Memory of Irma “Babe” Story, 43-W-6
Warnack, Al
Warnack, Shaughne S.

WASP Marie Barrett,
Brown, Pat

In Memory of WASP Sylvia Bredall Barter, 43-W-7
Petersen, Tom & Carolynn

In Memory of WASP Beverly L. Beesemyer 44-W-6
Boston, F. Suzanne
Enderle, LTC (R) Kimberly
In Memory of WASP May Ball Pietz Behrend, 43-W- 8
Wheeler, Virginia

In Honor of WASP Lovelle Richards Benesh, 43-W-1
Cline, Major Ira, C-17 IP, USAF

In Memory of WASP Velta Haney Benn, 44-W-7
Norton, Paul J., II

In Memory of WASP Margaret Kerr Boylan, 43-W-2
The Kerr Foundation, Lou C. Kerr

In Memory of WASP June Bruan Bent, 44-W-3
Killeen, Janet

WASP Marguerite “Sis” Tuffin Bernhardt,
Powers, Lois A., KOS PLUS Secretary

In Memory of WASP Kay Brick,
Abbott, Bailey and Janice

In Honor of WASP Evelyn “Pinky” Pinkert Brier,
Hanson, Joyce

In Honor of WASP Nell Bright on her 100th Birthday,
Kinloch, Aaron
Sedona 99’s Red Rockettes
Stillwater, William and Shareall
Thamasett, Lisa
Women’s History Committee at Hill AFB, UT

In Honor of WASP Mary S. Reineberg Burchard,
Mullins, Susan

In Memory of WASP Hazel Caldwell,
Presbyterian Matthews Hospital
Greenwood, Thomas
Whitaker, Andrew
Hart, John
Masters, Pamela
Dewar, Karan
Pracht, Barbara M.

In Memory of WASP Helen C. Cannon,
Amos, Helene

In Memory of WASP Leila Pearl Bragg Laska Chamberlain,
Doering, Tracey
Fassler, Cheryl

In Memory of WASP Lorene Chambers
Atkinson, Connie K.

In Memory of WASP Mildred Alice Toner Chapin,
Benwood Foundation
McKibben, Mason E. Jr.

In Memory of WASP Violet Thurn Cowden,
Fullerton Chapter of 99s

In Memory of WASP Mary Cooper Cox,
McCarthy, Philip

In Memory of WASP Carolyn Cullen,
Campbell, Malcolm

In Memory of WASP Lora Jane Harris Cunningham,
Young, Patricia Gretter

In Memory of WASP Mildred Inks Davidson Dalrymple,
Davidson, Duval
Draper, Debby
Doyle, WASP Mildred
Turpin, Catherine G.
Cofer, Carol

In Memory of WASP Lorena B. Daly Dorr
Robert Dorr

In Memory of WASP Majorie Laverne Davis,
Durkee-Burgoyne, Jill A.
Davis, Kelly
Vance, Jill

In Memory of WASP Edna Modisette Davis,
Frommer-Mracky, Sylvia
Kieran, Bill

In Honor of WASP Dorothy “Dottie” Lucas 44-W-7
Gaddes, Norman “Snap”

In Honor and Memory of WASP Mildred Jane Baessler Doyle,
Allard, Jeanne and Timothy
Baseball Moms of FGR High School
Becker, Sandy
Bedrock Management
Beebe, Joan
Bedrock Management
Braunschneider Darlene J.
Burke, Alan
Burkhardt, Thomas and Cheryl
CAF WASP Squadron
Carpentier, Patricia
Chambers, Shirley
Chicklon, Patricia
Clegg, Janet and Raymond
Crowley, Don
Crowley, Tom and Nancy
Cygan, Heide and Michael
DeWitt, Tim and Margo
Doyle, Brian
Doyle, June and Family
Forest Hills Senior Center—Grand Rapids, MI
Gibbs, Ronald and Jerri Lynn
Giles, Anita M.
Graber, Mary F.
Hale, John and Jean
Hall, Harold
Hannigan, Kate
Hartigan, Anne
Henderson, William S.
Highland Lakes Squadron--CAF
Hilliker, Greg
Holton, Janice M.
Hooker, Sharon
Jocz, Elsie and Warren
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Kleinert, Terry and Mary
Leonard, Barbara and James
Manett, Lois
Mazur, Robert T.
Miedzielec, Ruth and Dale
Milanowski, Robert and Sue
Neumann/Smith Architecture
Olszewski, Cathy
Overbeek, Denise and David
Roe, Joellyn
Roller, Brooke and Tom
Russell, Janet
Schade, Jeff and Tammy
St. Pierre, Jeannine
Sigrist, Laura Doyle
Smith, David L.
The Mary Wells Family
The Peplinski Group
The Teninty Family
Verwey, Cindy and Andrew
Waddington, Kendra
Warner, James and Judith Wells
Weber, Pauline and Robert
Mary Wells Family
Weniger, Penni
Williams, Steve, Carole, Jason, Carrie and Boys
Windsor, Janice D.

In Memory of WASP Grey Allison Hoyt Dunlap
Dunlap, Maj. Hugh Dunlap (husband)

In Memory of Madelyn Marie Eggleston
Brown, Kay & Mike

In Memory of WASP Adeline Wolak Ellison
Drach, David
Drach, Jane

In Memory of WASP Ethel Finley
McGee, COL Charles, Tuskegee Airman

In Memory of WASP Grace Clark Fender,
Clark, R. Brian
Clark, Robert A.
Wallin, Steve and Julie

In Memory of WASP Betty Archibald Fernandes,
White, Michael
Wood, Mike and Willie

In Honor of WASP Maxine Edmondson Flournoy,
Williams, Bette

In Memory of WAFS Cornelia Fort
Jacobson, CDR Stephen USNR, Ret
McMillan, Peter
Patton, Gary

G — L

In Memory of WASP Mary Taliaferro Gilmore,
Taliaferro, Leigh

In Memory of WASP Virginia “Scotty” Bradley Gough,
Bradley, Larry
Bradley, Joan

In Memory of WASP Mary Ann Baldner Gordon,
Lubin, Michael and Mary

In Memory of Dorothy C. Hawkins Dodge Goot
Gettelman, Barbra Lawson

In Memory of WASP Lois B. Hailey,
Patricia B. Peckham,
Argyle, Texas

In Memory of WASP Norma (Penny) Halberg
Houghton, Rosemary

In Honor of WASP Jean Downey Harman
Harman, Scott

In Memory of WASP Elaine Danforth Harmon,
Harmon, Terry (daughter)
Kraus, Kathleen S.
Wynen, Nick J.

In Memory of WASP Sara P. Hayden
Hayden, Shawn and Tanya

In Honor of WASP Bernice "Bee" Falk Haydu
Harmon, Terry
Reed, Julianne
Thamasett, Lisa
The ROMEO Club of Boca Raton, Florida

In Memory of WASP Kathryn Herman,
Dore, Kelsie

In Memory & Honor of WASP Marion Stegeman Hodgson,
AEI Engineering
Alfred, Carol C.
Anderson, Todd and Jill
Birdwell, Debrah & Emry
Caldwell, Barbara
Carnes, Jane Peyton
Castles, Mike
Community Foundation of Louisville
Ford, Carolyn J.
Gipson, Nick and Linda
Groves, Mr. and Mrs. M. L.
Hayes, Robert (Wicker) and Jackie
Hawley, Elizabeth Bourland
Herrmann, Charles J.
Hodgson, Edward Sheldon (son) Kable, John and Ann
Komatsu, Karl and Nancy
McDonald, Mike K.
Nelms, Murl and Suzanne
Nobles, Debbie and Gerald, Jr.
Nutt, Milburn and Carol
Parker, Marjorie and Joe
Robert Seabury Company
Roberts, Jim and Diane
Sanders, JR.
Schaffner, Alan and Leslie
Staley, Mr & Mrs. Carr
Stouffer, Dr. James G.
Stouffer, Captain Paul M.
Vest, Joe and Cindy
Yates, Karen S.

In Memory of WASP Margery Moore Holben
Zuhr, Ann

In Memory of WASP Eloise Huffhines,
44-W- 4
Bailey, Karen and Ted

In Memory of WASP Frances Green Kari
Young, Grace

In Memory of WASP Margaret Helburn Kocher,
Callahan, Charles

In Memory of WASP Virginia Krum,
Kipp, Scott and Virginia

In Honor of WASP Shirley Kruse
Ivey, Kristi
Thamasett, Lisa

In Honor of WWII Flying Ladies
Ball, Col. Clinton F.
Ball, Mrs. Jeannie C.

In Memory of WASP Dolores M. Lamb,
Wakeham Byron E.

In Memory of WASP Mary W. Lamy,
Strickland, Ross

In Memory of Their Aunt, WASP Hazel Ying Lee,
Chann, Gregory
Chann, Stuart
Chann, Randall
Chann, Jeffrey
Chann, Katherine

In Memory of WASP Mary Rosso Lewis,
Holbrook, Mark
Lewis, Nina
Witt, Melvin
Witt, Hiala

In Memory of WASP Betty Lotowycz,
Nogle, Archie
Feinberg, Franke

In Memory of WASP Joan W. Lyle,
Lyle, George B.

In Memory of WASP “Maggie”
Lamb, C.A. Chet

M — R

In Memory of WASP Isabel Tynon Martell,
Clark, Nena and Willard F.
Green, Donald and Marjorie
Green, Donald N.

In Memory of WASP Florence Elion Mascott,
44-W- 10T
Armstrong, Ms. Toni Jr.
Elion, Mark
Hoffman, Adele
Saklad, Joan and Martin
Talbot, Judy

In Memory of WASP Nancy Mayes,
44-W- 10
Cosand, Col. Kathleen, USAF Ret.
Lippitt, Betsy and Agnes Mayes
Mayfield, Ala
Mayfield Siblings: Betty Mayfield

In Honor of WASP Margaret E. Neyman Martin,
Smyth, Fred

In Memory of WASP Dora Jean Dougherty Strother McKeon,
Davis, Sharron
Palachek, Charles V.
Phillabaum, Chester, Sr.
Pitts, Fred
Winston, William

In Memory of WASP Tex Brown Meachem,
Meachem, Margaret J.

In Memory of WASP Katherine Joy Merritt-Moore
43-W-7 Moore, Matt
Meachem, Margaret J.

In Honor of WASP Thelma Kennedy Hench Miller,
Funk, Richard J.

In Memory of WASP Gertrude Marcia Wenzel Milner,
Walsh, Louise S.
Wenzel, Carl and Lois

In Memory of WASP Anna Flynn Monkiewicz 43-W-6
Griffin, Paul
Jeffcoat, Patsy
Nichols, Billy

In Memory of WASP Margery Moore,
Zuhr, Ann

In Memory of WASP Dorothea Johnson Moorman,
Davis, Sharron
Phillabaum, Chester, Sr.
Pitts, Fred

In Memory of WASP Nadine Canfield Nagle,
Elgler, Diana
Engler, Gary and Linda
Stevenson, Carol and Todd

In Memory of WASP Doris Burmester Nathan,
Erickson, Fran and Wayne
Alderman, Beth

In Honor of WASP Margaret B. Neyman,
44-W- 7
Smyth, Fred
Smyth, Gretchen

In Memory of WASP Dorothy Nichols,
de Berg, COL Joellen
Nichols, Matthew

In Memory of WASP Esther Noffke,
Murphy, Kevin
Podkul, Joann Marie

In Memory of WASP Patricia Kenworthy Nuckols,
Nuckols, Robert M.

In Memory of WASP Dorothy Olsen 43-W-4
Scott, Susan E. G.

In Honor of WASP Odean “Deanie” Bishop Parrish,
Renaissance Charitable Foundation

In Memory of WASP Betty Haas Pfister,
Blum, Priscilla

In Memory of WASP Bethene Henne Phillips,
Sobhani, Margaret Phillips

In Memory of WASP Virginia Crinklaw Pierce,
Sue Willoughb

In Memory of WASP Vilma Lazar Qualls,
Bone, Herbert L.

In Memory of Margaret J. "Maggie Ray" Ringenburg 43-W-5
Cummins, John

In Memory of WASP Betty Jo Streff Reed,
Clark, Melissa
Duff, Sandra
Hughes-Gilmore, Lynn
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Lombardi, Cindy
Marx/Okubo Associates
Miller, Betsy
Ruth Mulbach

In Memory of WASP Dolores Reed,
Davis, Kathleen

In Memory of WASP Florence Shutsy Reynolds,
McGee, COL Charles, Tuskegee Airman
Fisher, Gerald C.

In Memory of WASP Kathryn “Kip” Humphries Requardt,
Requardt, Kathryn

In Memory of WASP Faith “Bucky” Richards,
Hoing, Nancy
The Elizabeth Denton English Chapter NSDAR

In Memory of WASP Betty Martin Riddle, 44-W-9
The Garcia Family
Thomas, Rosmary H.

In Memory of WASP Barbara M. Manchester Robinson,
Beechcraft Heritage Museum

In Memory of WASP Marie Michell Robinson,
Buckley, Michael

In Memory & Honor of WASP Lorraine Zillner Rodgers,
The Borcuk Family
Grillo, Susan

In Memory of WASP Alyce Stevens Rohrer,
Benson, Carol Ann and Les

In Memory of WASP Helen Ricketts Hooks Rownd,
Doris Harding
Charles Ricketts

S — Z

In Memory of WASP Frances R. Sargent,
Timmons, Donna

In Memory of WASP Muriel “Mimi” Lindstrom Segall,
Lucky Lindy Segall

In Memory of WASP Margaret June Seip,
Campion, J.P.

In Memory of WASP Dawn Rochow Balden Seymour,
Allen, Buck and Kate
Boucher, Karen E.
Braine, Mrs. Clinton E.
Briggs, Nancy and Joe
Cowan, Randi S J
Duford, John and Paddy
Ely, Jim and Mickey
Family of Elaine Harmon
Fisher, Susan P
Garrett, Lindsey and John
Hershey Family
Holtz, Gail and Barry
Howk, Lawrence M.
Howk, Ted
Ide, Ann
Ingle, David and Carol
Ingle, John and Jo
Judson Foundation
Judson, Thomas and Elisabeth
Kennedy, Bruce and Anne
McBride, William and Sean
McGee, COL Charles, Tuskegee Airman
Morse, Mrs. Michael
Odenbach, Julie Rochow
Parker, Phyllis and Paul
Patton, David A.
Place, Bob and Pat
Richardson, Grosvenor and Margaret
Sanders, Nancee C.
Schmitt, The Jerry Schmitt Family
Smith, Cliff and Bernie T.
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Pamela and Scott
Tait, Robert and Amy
Thoman, Georgiana
Von Bucher, Erik and Judy

In Memory of WASP Andrea Shaw,
Ward, Peggy

In Memory of WASP Jane S. Straughan,
Riddell, Betty

In Honor and Memory of WASP Elizabeth “Betty Wall” Strohfus,
AAUW Faribault Branch
Doolitle Tokyo Raiders Association
Bleichner, Patricia and Gary
Colak, Donna
Craighead, Donald H.
Erickson, Mark
Johnson, Bill and Susan
London, WASP Jean
McCain, Virginia
Newberg, Connie
Tuorlia, James Dr.
Whatley, Annice

In Memory of WASP & Lt. Col. Virginia Sweet, 43-W-4
William W. Cooper

WASP Gertrude Tompkins Silver,
Cramer, Michael

In Honor of Frances M. Snyder Tanassy 43-W-6
Davis, Anna

In Honor of WASP Mayme Knight Tanner,
43-W-7T 100th Birthday
Cruz, Melissa
Mendes, Paul and Charlotte
Silverado Care Center

WASP Jane Dunbar Tedeschi,
by Bethany Women’s Bowling League
Palmer, Mark and Nancy

In Memory of WASP Jean Terrell
Friend, Andrew and Emily

In Memory of WAFS Shirley Hagan Tynan
Tynan, John R. USAF Ret.

In Honor of WASP Mary Thoits,
Gilles, Anita M.

In Honor of WASP Mary Thoits,
Gilles, Anita M.

In memory of WASP Isabel Madison Van Lom,
Thomas J. Spence, giving annually since 2013.

In Honor and Memory of WASP Mary Alice Putnam Vandeventer,
Citizens of Lueders,Tx
Stovall, Allene
VFW Post #2398
Shiever, Jerry & Susan
Vinson, Sam & Diane
Putnam, Julia
Bennett, Dorothy
Russell, Robby
Thomas, Thurman
Swenson, Jill
Kelly, Joyce
Barton, Winnie
Cobb, R C
Prewit, Monica
Williams, Teena
Taylor, Donald Ray
Agee, Jeffrey
Hargrove, Ms. Billie
Dunkin,Maj. John B., USAF Ret.
Deffenbaugh, Steve and Tish
Baron, Gysgt. Al J. USMC
Tony Martinez
Watson, David
Gibbons, Mr. Ernest
Steffen, Myron E.
Brillante, Ross G s
Buckley, Michael J.
Smith, Stanley A.
Davis, Sharron
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Greene, Raymond L.
San Diego Senior Women’s Basketball Association
Andrews, Mac and Marjorie
Olson, Thomas and Catherine
Williams, Becky
Hansen, Kenneth and Yvonne
Reves, Sandra and Bobby
Hager, David and Kay
Wood, Larry and Marianne
Davis, Reba G.
Wood, Betty
Six, Cherie
Taylor, Donald Ray
Nunn, Jammie R.
Cuadros, Jaime
Vandeventer, Sheri
Sacket, Gary
Plumley, Byron

In Memory of WASP Majorie Wakeham,
Wakeham, Byron E.

In Memory of Doris Boothe Wanty,
Janet Orvis-Cook
A & J Dairy Farm
Bairds, Al Jr.
Conclon, Sue H.
Herzegovina, John and Sandy
Ochsenschlager, Kimberly and Scribner
Orvis-Cook, Janet
Soroptimist International of North Modesto

In memory of WASP Isabel Madison Van Lom (43-W-4)
Thomas J. Spence, giving annually since 2013.

In Memory of WAF Florene Miller Watson
Scaggs, John R.

In Memory of WASP Macie Jo Myers Wheelis,
Buhr, Doris Ann Brown

In Memory of WASP Pauline “Polly” Cutler White,
Eden, Donna
Nelson, Betsy

In Memory of WASP Elizabeth Louise Phillips Whiting,
Hoeg, Anne
Giberson, Mary
Kerr, Mary Randall

In Memory of WASP Beverly Wilkinson,
44-W- 8
Sedona 99’s Red Rockettes

In Memory of WASP Wilma B. Morehead Cockburn Wine,
Morehead, Henry I, USAF Ret

In Memory of WASP Rita E. Murphy Wischmeyer,
Petty, David
Chan, Elvia Ayako
Wierman, Margaret
Kiser, John and Susan
Tilden, Tommy and Jill
Koopmann, Patty C.
Riccione, Nicholas F.
Cox, Kathleen F.
Grunberger, Ilona Lyde
DeWese, Linda
Arents, Emily
Hurst, Loretta

In Memory of WASP Winifred Wood
Gann, Pamela

In Memory of WASP Eleanor Thompson Wortz,
Barrick, Jean T.
Wortz, Marc
Wortz, Bill
Thompson, Duke
Thompson, J. Michael

In Memory & Honor of WASP Mary Anna (Marty) Martin Wyall
Imler, Rev Bill and Dona
Ivanovic, Brian and Greta
Kelly, Katie
Lehman, Rosemary
Pellegreno, Ann Holtgren
Setser, Marilyn
Trillium Garden Club and Nancy Flaugh
Wiese, Lewie and Verne

In Memory of WASP Millicent "Millie" A. Young
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Pikes Peak Chapter of Ninety-Nines

In Memory of WASP Pat Young 44-W-1T
Thomas, Derek

Other Recipients

To find the name of other recipients and view who has given to him or her, please click on the letter range of his or her last name and scroll through the list.

A — F

In Memory of Alice Moore
Kathy Dickson, Richard and Sandra Spears

In Memory of All American Veterans
Kuss, Marilyn

In Memory of Karen Alldredge
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of E.H. “Mac” Andrews
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of Marjorie Andrews
Atkins, Dick and Margaret
Dudensing, Lynn and Renee
Godfrey, Judy and Larry
Gray, Gayle and Robert
Ehlo, Mark and Kate
Hargesheimer Family
Jameson, Lois and Dean
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Lemons Family
McFall, David and Lisa
Morehead, Kathy and Phil
Quinn, Nelson and Sonya
Reeder, Andy and Jody
Robertson, Sterling and Linda
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Stockton, Bryan
VLK Architects

In Memory of Betty Arnold
Ferolita, Mr. and Mrs. John

In Honor of 2nd Lt. Katherine Ashton, USMC
Swallow, Richard

IN HONOR AND MEMORY OF Athenaeum Study Club Members
Athenaeum Study Club

In Memory of Col. Clinton F. Ball
Ball, Jeanne

In Memory of COL Hayse M. Baumgardner, USAF Ret.
Baumgardner, Robert W

In honor of Betty Bauer
Betty Edgerly Bauer
John P. Guidice
Mary Jane Huckleberry
Kateryna Kerr
Rosalie H. Newlin
Peggy Ostheller
Bettie J. Resare

In Memory of Ina Barkley
From Wilson, Vicki

In Memory of Van Baucum
Johnson, Bill & Susan
Spears, Richard & Sandra

In Honor of Cpl Cecil G Bennett USAAC
Bates, Roy

In Memory of Lylia Bennett
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of Suzanna Ramzy Bennett
Bennett, Tom
Morrow, Laura

In Memory of Fran Bern
Johnson, Jane

In Memory of Stanley Francis Bloyer
Bloyer, Stan

In Honor of Sandra Rae “Boo” Bolt
McCrath, Michael

Honor & Memory of 780th Bomb Squadron 465 Group
Gluklick, Capt. Ed USAF Ret.

In Memory of Carol Buchele Bonebrake
Murphy & Freund
Buchele, Marilyn R.
Conklin, Thomas R.
and Judy G.
Kygar, Jean
Eblen, G. Thomas
Sanders, Rebecca A.
Taylor, Julie
Eyman, Patricia M. and Colin D.
Long, Patricia
Underwood, Mark and Martha

In Honor of Dorothy Evers Bosh
Robbins, James

In Memory of Dr. John Bowen
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Dr. Gerald Bowling

Bowling, Dr. Agnes

In Honor of Gloria Brandon
Brandon, Leslie

In Honor of Glen E. Bryan
Bryan, Hayes R.

In Memory of Kay Brick
Macario, Canivet

In Memory of Phyllis Burchfield
Bumgarner, Maryjane

In Honor of Betty S. Burnham
Rowland, Betsy

In Memory of Jack Roland Byrd
Fox, Sheila
Hagino, Suzanne S.
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Lowenfield, Sandra S.
McDowell, Fred and Janis
Mezzino, Michael and Rita
Parker, James and Donella
SHS Class of 1960
Spears, Sandra
Stirl, Brenda and Ralph
Brazos River 99s
Byrd, Judy
Dollar, Polly and Don
Fullwood, Cole and Amanda
Fullwood, Eugene, Letha, and Hope
Fullwood, Jake and Ashlee
Fullwood, Scott and Lisa
Fullwood, Zach and Brittany
Merryman, Katy and Rade

In Honor of Carol Cain
Arlington Kiwanis Foundation
Fernandez, Mike and Jenny
HHSC Foster Grandparent Program, Mexia, TX
Plano Newcomer Women’s Club
Regional Military Museum
Texas Retired Teachers Association, Burleson, TX
Trinity United Methodist Church
Querencia at Barton Creek
Williams, Robert S.

In Memory of John Paul Cain
Berry, Coy and Sandy
Bishop, Margaret
Boek, Barbara
Bridwell, Ann
Cain, Gregory and Lucy
Carothers, David and Jane
Commemorative Air Force
Daniel, Robert and Marilyn
Feagan, Joe and Bonnie
Foster, Rowland and Betty Sue
Fox, Sheila
Gerald, Patrick and Barbara
Gilliland, Carol
Gilman, E. H.
Glass, Frank L.
Glass, Sam and Carolyn
Hawley, Pat
Henry, Dr. and Mrs. Jack
Johnson, Bill and Susan
King, Allen and Kathy
Kuss, Marilyn
Langlois, Catherine
Leslie & Co. Ladies’ Store
Matthews, Carroll P.
McClure, Lois
Messersmith, Jessica
Moriniere, David and Kimball
Moriniere, Jack and Anne
Moxham, Eric and Dabney
Naber, Kenneth and Marian
Owens, Kelly
Pace, Gary
Parker, James and Donella
Pengra, Jean LaMair
Purcell, Tom and Virginia
Sears, Frances Mae
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Steakley, Zollie
Stillwell, Bobby and Gail
Studdard, Bryand and Cindy
Taylor, Kelly
Waddle, Bobby G.
Weber, Dr. and Mrs. Sam C.
The Williams Family
Williams, Robert S.
Williamson, Bryan and Susan
Wolda, John and Harriett
Woodman, Mary Gail
Wright, Don and Joyce
Young, Gay

In Memory of Billie Joe Carmichael
Acosta, Andrea
Bennett, Terry and Ame
Bentle, Jana
Furbee, Jon and Marcia
Hagino, Suzanne
Hui, Soo and Chin
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Lawrence, Gail and Kyle
Lindquist, Sarah B,.
Manzanares, Sylvia A.
Mielke, Terry Ray
Parker, Donella and James
Robinson, Michael and Sherri
Schaedel, Peter and Morakot
Spears, Sandra
Sweetwater Machine and Welding
Van Noort, Roger and Jub
Wetsel, Rod
Wetsel, Torrey and Kerrie
Williams, Ginger and Matt
Wood, Marianne

In Memory of Burgan H. Carr
Masica, Capt. Eugene M.

In Memory of Davis and Frances Clark
Gay, Ann Clark

In Memory of Jack and Billie Clark
Garner, Michael J.

In Memory of Nancy Clark
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Grace E. “Bettie” Clements
Clements, Robert

In Memory of Mary Cooper Cox
McCarthy, Philip E.

In Memory of Trish Crosswhite
Maberry, Art and Danna
Fox, Peter and Pat

In Memory of Elma Ree Crowley
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of Robert Louis Davis
Dreyling, Tim and Kari

In Memory of Jennifer Ludlum Dendy
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spaulding, John and Amy
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In honor of Karlah Dent
Dunnell, William W.

In Memory of Patricia Dent
Snell, Jennifer

In Honor of David and Rosemarie DeVido
Golub, Leonard and Hannah

In Memory of Joseph L. DeVido, USN
David and Rosemarie

In Memory of Beatrice Schoenfeld DeVido
David and Rosemarie

In Memory of David Dickey
Hillary Henderson Pitts

In Honor of Kathy Dickson
Thomas, Parks and Rudy

In Memory of Temple Dickson
Welch, Buster

In Memory of Patricia Diggs
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of Dorothy Dobry

Dobry, Thomas

In Honor of Jackie Browne Donohue
Fraser, Jacquelene

In Honor of Gertrude Anne Dorchak, US Army
Murphy, Michael

In Honor of Jane Doyle
Waddington, Kendra (grand-daughter)

In Memory of Amelia Earhart

In Memory of Ervin O. Easterling
Boone, Donna
Dial, Jody
Justice, Stephanie
Navarro, Alejandra
Poteet, Herschel
Saylors, Kristi
Williams, A.C.

In Memory of Rigdon Edwards
Lowenfield, Sandra S.

In Memory of CDR Eleanor J. Durrett, USN
Smith, Keith R.

CPO Charles Wm. Ebersole (Senior Chief, Aviation Metalsmith)
Ebersole, Michael

In Memory of Paul Egbers
Jolly, Fran
Robinson, June

In Memory of Hub Erickson

John Erickson

In Memory of Kay Evans
Boyd, Johnnie Lou and Bruce

In Memory of Ruth Fambrough
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Tim Fambrough
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Don Faver
Spears, Sandra and Mary Susan

In Memory of Richard Flinsbaugh
Leonard, Karen and Joe

In Honor of Maxine Flournoy
Williams, Bette D.

In Memory of Kenneth Forrester
Forrester, Deloris

In Memory of Bettie J. Fowler
Fowler, David H.

In Honor of General Carl Franklin
Comolli, Dr. and Mrs. Kent

G — L

In Memory of Ed and Marilyn Gaida and son William
Hedy Gaida Stakes

In Memory of WASP Instructor Gilbert “Gib” M. Geurin
Cohen, Marlene
Shotts, Maureen C.
Retired Eastern Airlines Pilots
Capt. Jerry Frost Association
Nephew, Richard Smith

In Memory of Eva Lavonne Glover
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of 2 nd Lt. Michael “Connie” Gnaegy
Gnaegy, Dr. Suzanne

In Memory of Marge Gorman
Gorman, James C.

In Honor of Michael Gonzales, USMC Retired
Gonzales, Mike

In Memory of Marge Gorman
Gorman, James C.

In Memory of Richard Grant
Casey, Ellen J.
Coler, Sara
Dreyling, Tim and Kari
Noack, Kenneth
Umhoefer, Mary C.

In Memory of Garland Greene
West, Sherron

In Memory of Raymond Luke Greene
Davis, Lanny
Spears, Sandra

In Memory of Morris Guelker
Henderson, Tom

In Memory of Margaret Ann Hamilton
Potthoff, Gerald

In Memory of Muriel Hammond
Hammond, Nancy A.

In Memory of Eleanor “Bunny” Hampton
Hagino, Suzanne Sears

In Memory of Patsy Hamrick
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of James Sophus Hansen
Nancy Hansen-Bennett

In Memory of Rita Mae Hardin
Richard and Sandra Spears

In Honor of Francis Harris
First Financial Bank
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Latimer, James H.
Matthews, Carroll Pattern
Pieper, Gary & Frances
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Hume, Judge & Cofer, Carol

In Memory of Alberta Head
Duncan, Rosemary

In Memory of Margaret Helburn
Callahan, Charles E.

In Memory of John Henderson
Pitts, Ryan and Hillary

In Memory of Josephine Hill Henderson
Berryhill, Darrell and Doloras
Luckey, John and Linda
Lake Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Dept.
Lawrence, Jay and Carolyn
Rhodes, Rick and Pam
Cain, John Paul and Carol
Wheelock, Stephen and Diane
Pumphrey, Blake and Julie
Maberry, Arthur and Danna
Dale Martin & Son Tire Company
Martin, Dale
Martin, Mark and Sheila
Rawlings, Kaye and Leon
Creed, Freddy and Beverly
Wheelock, Kevin M.
Littleton, Harry and Viv
Jay, John and Sandra
Brooks, Louis and Charlotte
Brooks Ranches – Nita Brooks Lewallen
McDowell, Fred and Janis L.
Green, David and Karyn
Chowning, Wayne & Anne-G
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Gesin, Richard and Patsy
Spears, Richard and Sandra
First Financial Bank Trust Dept.
Martin, J. V. and Betty
Duncan, Rosemary
Sears, Frances
Williams, Tim and Paula
Stacy, Mary
Blankenship, Terry

In Memory of Tom Henderson
Wood, Larry and Marianne
Brock, Keith and Becky
Patterson, Eve and Chris
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Sweetwater Rotary Club
Wilson, Sheryl
Clark, Bill
Ludlum, Irene
Ludlum Measurements Inc.
Davis, John and Cindy
Stirl, Ralph and Brenda
Crawford, Warren and Shirley
Hunter, Linda and Bill
Lake Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Dept.
Blankenship, Terry
Wheelock, Diane
Pumphrey, Mary
Harris, Lloyd and Melba
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Cain, John Paul and Carol

In Memory of Kathryn Herman
Dore, Kelsie

In Memory of Col. Leland L. Hildebrand, USAF
Strauss, Paul

In Memory of Dianne C. Hillson
Hillson, Edward N.

In Memory of Elizabeth Bernath Hobbs
Hobbs, Betty H.

In Memory of Laurie Hodas
Hodas, Mike

In Honor of Donna Hodge
Spears, Sandra and Mary Susan

IN HONOR OF Raymond Hoffman
Saint John’s Church/ Saint Monica’s Guild Ewing, Shirley
First Congregational Church and Children’s Center
Franklin Club of Akron, Ohio
Northampton Historical Society
Women of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church
Saint John’s Church/ Saint Monica’s Guild

In Memory of Lt. JG Marvin E, Holdredge

Holdredge, Richard

In Memory of Dean Hollinger
Brown, Reva
Burke, Mary and Roy
Ferris Family
Hollinger, Steven L.
Hollinger, Susan
Moore, Jerry and Mel
Ruptash, Mr. and Mrs. Larry
Schafer, Marcia and Larry
Ukrainec, Margaret

In Memory of John T. Howard

Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of Major James Truitt Howell, Ret.
Stagg, Elizabeth W.
Jacobs, Paul
Putman, Paul

In Memory of Col. John A. “Jack” Humphries, Jr., USAF (Ret.)
Manner, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A.
Lyons, Martha
Phelps, Lynn & C.D.
Yenni, Norm and Nadine
Campbell, C. Dan
Trutman, Konrad

In Memory of Col. John A. Humphries, Jr., USAF (Ret.)
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Manner
Kreidler, Tai
Lynn & C.D. Phelps
Nadine & Norm Yenni
C. Dan Campbell

In Honor of Shizue Ishihara
Oka, Jennifer

In Honor of Kathleen Lynn Jaffe
Jaffe, Machael

In Honor of Lana Kraeszig

Pickard, Victoria

In Honor of Erin Miller
Kraus, Kathleen S.

In Memory of Boomer, Blake, Pamela Bird, Forrest Bird and Mary Lewis
Sugden, Sue and Rich

In Memory of Audrey Jagon
Jagow, Norman

In Memory of Arlene James
James, William J.

In Memory of Bob Jessen
Rayburn, Carol S.

In Honor of Bill Johnson
Texas National Bank Employees

In Memory of Anna Margaret Johnson
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Wood, Larry and Marianne

In Memory of Gus Katsaros
Johnston, Jane

In Memory of Carroll Lee Kearney, Jr.
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Wade Keese
Bishop, Margaret
Wright, Don and Joyce

In Memory of Sydney Edwards Kent
Anderson, Bobby and Jeri
Athenaeum Club of Sweetwater
Cook, Nancy S.
Fox, Sheila Young
Johnson, Bill and Susan
McCoy, Betty
McDowell, Fred and Janis
McKee, Wallace and Sara
Moore, Shirley and Watson
Sears, Frances Mae
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Strother, Dwylene
Williams, Robert S

In Memory of Wendell Kent
Anderson, Bob and Jeri
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra
McKee, Wallace and Sara

In Memory of Valene Kiker
Johnson, Bill & Susan
Harvey, Martha

In Honor of Raybon Kindrich
Gueneith, Karen
Kindrich, Stanley

In Memory of Barbara Adams Koppenhaver
Koppenhaver, Austin

In Memory of WASP Instructor Marvin A. Krieger
Krieger, Robert

Jill Kunnecke
Texas Society DAR

IN MEMORY OF Sue Martin Lambert
Spears, Richard & Sandra

In Memory of Mary Lamy
Strickland, Ross

In Honor of Kate Landdeck
Allen, Kate and Buck

In Memory of Rhonda Landorf
Cohen, Marvin J.

In Memory of Jack P. Lawrence
Carothers, David and Jane
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Hilda Lechner
Janning, Eugene Jr.

In Memory of Lera Jeane Lee
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Kirk, Lisa
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Bonnie Leonard
McCreery, Stephen and Ruth
Sickels, Sheryl J.

In Memory of Nita Brooks Lewallen
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Margaret Lewis
Walker, Phyllis

In Memory of Della Light
Bluebonnet Cottonwood TEEA Club

In Memory of Linda Luckey
Sandra Spears

In Memory of Don Ludlum
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Honor of Larry Ludlum
Cely, Monte

In Memory of Rosemary Luecke
Luecke, Howard

M — R

In Memory of Megan Mackoway
American Legion Auxiliary
Mackoway, Bonnilyn M.
Palmer, Ann W.
Weisenberger, Mr. and Mrs.

In Honor of Nicole “Fifi” Malachowski
Howard, James

In Memory of Audrey Diana Martin
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Memory of Cecilia Martz
Landis, Janell

In Memory of 2nd Lt. Keith Wayne McCauley
Cobb, Julie

In Memory of Cyrus Dale McCreight
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Betty McCoy
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Faye McGuire
Bryant, Loren and Jeannette

In Memory of Hazel McKaughan
Brooks, William

In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Bain McCoy

Amin, Chhaya
Angalet, Mike and Michelle
Bain, James Jr.
Boeshans, Majorie
Cash Family
Crittenden, Greg
Eggers, Kenneth
Epling, Mrs. Susan
Gudger, Emillie
Keyes, S. Ashley
Kidder, Ken and Barbara
Krause, Kelly
Krause, William
Krause, Dennis and Sandra
Nelms, Mrs. Christa
Niland, Jill
Oleson, Peggy
Ryan, Sharron
Singer, Bobby and Kate
Summer, Reba
Tucker, Mary
Vogt, Donald

In Memory of Christine McNeill
A. V. McMaster

In Memory of John D. and Mae McNeill
A. V. McMaster

In Honor of Thelma Miller
Funk, Richard

In Honor of Miss Millie
Zimmerman, Helen

In Memory of Marcia Milner
Wenzel, Bill

In Memory of Harriet Monde
Shuler, Sandy
Harvey, Martha
Hager, Kim
Lee, Nedra
Kiwanis Club of Sweetwater
Flippo, Edith

In Memory of Cassidy Moore
Dewart, Lewis

In Memory of Debbie Lynn Stanfield Moore
Knapp, Michael
Joyce, Barbara
Becker, Janice B.

In Memory of Wilma B. Moorehead
Moorehead, Henry

In Memory of Clyde N. Morgan, MD
Johnson, Bill and Susan

In Honor of CPL John Joseph Murphy, Jr. USMC
Murphy, Michael

In Memory of Harry J. Mutter
Duckworth, Rosemary A.

In Memory of Betty J. Myers
Col. Lawrence Myers USAR (Ret.)

In Memory of David Allison Naurath
Kramer, Dale and Ellie

In Honor of Major Rex Nelson
White, Charles

In Memory of Reggie Nichols
Boyd, Patricia
Rankin, Linda

In Memory of Esther Noffke
Podkul, Joann Marie
Murphy, Kevin

In Memory of Dorothy (Brown) Ordway
Ordway, Harold F., Jr.

IN HONOR OF Captain Ed Olson B-24 Pilot
Shafer, Den & Linda

In Memory of Mary E. Owens
Anne Owens Shannon

In Memory of Stanley Panzarella
Sheridan, Amelia

In Memory of Cal Parks
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Beryl Owen Paschich
White, Jennifer

In Memory of Elizabeth “Bettie” Simmons Patton
Hagino, Suzanne Sears
Lewallen, Nita Brooks
Martin, Charles
McCarty, Cindy
McCullagh, Gene
Mebus, Margaret
Power, Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Thomas, Marietta

In Memory of Jane Peluso

Peluso, Theodore

In Honor of Bonnie Shively Peterson
Holland, Elizabeth

In Memory of Barbara J. Pinjuv
Col. George I Pinjuv USAF (Ret.)

In Memory of Clifford D. Pinard
Pinard, Thomas

In Memory of Lt. Col. Edward O. Pinckert
E. Steven Pinckert

In Memory of Harley Jane Pitts
First Financial Trust
Harvey, Martha and Gregg
Fullarton, Mike, Cindy and Brian
Creed, Freddie and Beverly
Boatright, Kent and Donna
Dale Martin Tire Co.
Dickson, Katherine
Spears, Richard and Sandra
Patterson, Buford and Nancy
Clark, Bill and Nancy
Davis, Charles and Suzanne
Luckey, John and Linda
Harris, Lloyd and Melba
Lawrence, Tere and Vicki
Yowell, Coby and Brooke
Ince, Heath and Jaime
Cheney, Tom
Jay, John
Duncan, Rosemary
Beall, Patricia
Brooks, Louis and Charlotte
Hunter, Bill, Linda and Ryan
Boston, Jim and Letha
Brock, Becky
Hawley, Pat K.
Lake Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department
Carmichael, Billie Jo
Lawrence, Jay and Carolyn
Parker, James and Donella
Busse, Terri A.
Cain, John Paul and Carol
Berryhill, Darrell and Doloras
Patterson, Eve and Chris

In Memory of G. E. and Ruth Ramsey
Ramsey, George and Fran

In Memory of G.E. Ramsey, Jr.
Ramsey, George and Fran

In Honor of John “Jack” P. Ratliff

Ratliff, Danielle

In Memory of Dixie Atkeison Reeves and Phil Reeves
Bowen, Kathy and Bob
Bowen Family

In Memory of Nobuka Rhodes
Travis-Rhodes, Frank G.

In Memory of Betty Riddle
Thomas, Rosemary H.

In Memory of Marian Grimes Roberts
Nett, Laurel

In Memory of Karen Rose
Rose, Larry

In Memory of Norman Ruckle

Ruckle, Joe

S — Z

In Memory of Lt. Roman L. Savoy
Savoy, Ethel

IN HONOR OF Emil Schattel
Fox, Sheila Young

In Memory of Ruth Schutte
Women Veterans Yountville, CA

In Memory of Helen Sellers
Maj. Edjar Walsh USAF (Ret.)

In Memory of Frances Mae Sears
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Esther Manning Shively
Shively, Bonnie
Holland, Elizabeth

In Memory of Gertrude Tompkins Silver
Whittall, Herbert and Nancy

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Simmons
Williams, Robert S.

In Memory of Elaine Simpson
Noe, Gregory and Roberta

In Memory of Mary Sisk
Sisk, Fletcher Jr.

In memory of Mary Smith
Brian Shivers

In Honor of Isabel Ryan Smith
Smith, Julian

In Memory of Sarah Nell Clem Smith
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Dr. Jerry Smola
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of WASP Instructor James Robert (J.R.) Smith
by Son, Richard Smith

In Memory of Richard Lyndel “Dick” Spears
Alldredge, Sherie and Bud E. Jr.
Anderson, Bob and Jeri
Baxter, Hugh, Betsy, Rade, and Connie
Bentle, Jordan and Jana
Boyd, Johnnie Lou and Bruce
Brock, Becky
Carmichael, Alan and Paula
Carmichael, Craig and Lynne
Carothers, David and Jane
Clem, Marjorie and Norman
Cook Nancy
Ducate, Doug and Judy
Gerald, Patrick and Barbara
Hagino, Suzanne S.
Haub, Ann
Howell, Kelly and Kaymee
Hunt, Al, Karen, Allison, Rachel, and Michael
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Kent, Kary, Jennifer, Kelsea, and Kade
Kent, Keith, Keely, Kenzee, and Emma
King, Grace Thorman
Lawrence, Tere and Vicki
Martin, J.V. and Betty
Matthews, Carroll P.
McKee, Wallace and Sara
Mezzino, Michael and Rita
Morris, Phyllis
Moore, Watson and Shirley
Ohnoutka, Barb
Pace, Gary and Helen
Parker, James and Donella
Preston Margaret Clem
Rosas, Lynn
Settje, Dean, Kristi, Zach, and Hannah
SHS Class of 1960
Spears, Angela
Spears, Sandra and Mary Susan
Spears, Scott and Laure
Stirl, Ralph and Brenda
Strother, Dwylene
Swaim, Carol and Mark
Texas National Bank
Thomas, Debby
Williams, Robert and Patricia
Young, Gay

In Memory of Bobbie Strother
Wright, Mrs. Jessie P.

In Honor of Sandra Spears
Alturian Daughters, Snyder, TX
Wesley Court of Abilene

In Memory of Michael Spille
Spille, Patricia

In Honor of Mayme L. Knight Tanner
Cruz, Melissa
Mendes, Paul and Charlotte
Silverado Care Center

In Memory of Homer Taylor
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Honor of Lisa Taylor
White, Elizabeth

In Memory of Alan D. Thompson
Thompson, Anna
In Memory of Charles Thomas Kennedy
Arseneau, Karen
Rodriguez, Leticia
Row, Gaye
Wilson, Robyn
Wong, Michael

In Honor of Connie Tobias

The Kilduff Family Foundation

In Memory of Dorothee A. Tremaine
Tremaine, Alan

In Honor of Veterans of Childress, TX at VA Clinic
Gnaegy, Dr. Suzanne

In Memory of WASP Doris Booth Wanty 44-W-8
Alley, Teressa
Burton, John and Martha
Dillon, Marcie
Holmquist, Andrea and Thom
Payne, Michele
Ulm, Richard and Paula
West, Jessie L. and Family

In Honor of Joy Waddington
Nogle, Archie

In Honor of Col. Christine M. Wagener, USAF Ret.
Hulme, Nancy K.

In Memory of Lt. Col. Margaret T. Lowell-Wallace
Lakin, Margo

In Memory of Connie Walker
Collins, Paul

In Memory of Evelyn Walter
Women Veterans Yountville, CA

In Memory of Miss Warnock
Young, James

In Memory of Roberta Whitehead Watson
Sego, Gale

In Honor of Barbara Whorton-Farley

Woolley, Carla D.

In Honor of USAF Retirement COL Samantha Weeks
Chick Fighter Pilots Association

In Memory of Jim Wehe
Jones, Sue
Klundt, David
Pleasants, Chrystin

In Memory of Harold Wickersham (WASP Mechanic)
Grape, Brenda

In Memory of James L. Wilks
Johnson, Bill and Susan
Spears, Richard and Sandra

In Memory of Barton Williams
Williams, Robert S.
In Memory of Major Dale Edward Williams, USAF
Rauser, Dr. Marilyn W.

In Memory of Donald Williams
Williams, Janis

In Memory of Joseph A. and Margaret B. Willis
Willis, Nancy

In Memory of Ruddy Wilson, USAF Retired
Bracewell, Bettye

In Memory of Eloise Truelsen Wishmeyer
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, John
Anderson, Margaret
Anderson, Scott
Anderson, Twyla
Brady, Anne and Utah
Gonzales, Mike J.
Jany, Charlotte
Lizundia, Ray
Martinez, Ruben A.
Miller, Vivian
Mills, Susan
Nakamoto, Wayne and Beverly
Peterson, Mark and Polly
Reynolds, Beth and Kyle
Riley, Eugene and Dorothy
Riskedahl, Rita
Roegee, Barbara
Shriver, Charles
Suazo, Cathy J.
Truelson, Lena
Wilson, Ronald and Marilyn

In Memory of Jane Rutherford Wiswell
Akita, Wendy
Yamaguchi, Joan

In Memory of LTC Scott Woodfin, Sr.
Whitsett, Monette

In Memory of Betty Wortham
Rhodes, Pam and Rick
Ray-Mitchell, Nancy
Hawley, Pat

In Memory of Morgan Wright
Wright, Mrs. Jessie P.

In Honor of Mary Wyall
Pellegreno, Ann Holtgren

In Memory of WAVE Jessie York

Clayton, Angelina Y.

In Memory of Herbert S. Young
Wilke, Philip J.
Woerner, Helen

In Memory of Christopher Zagorski

Zagorski, Stephen