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Dear Fellow Patriotic American,
Photo: Major Heather 'Lucky' Penney

The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), or Fly Girls as they were called by the media, were a small and elite group of ground-breaking women answered a desperate nation's call to man the stateside flying missions of the Army Air Force.

These 1,102 women helped tow targets, flight test air planes, ferry fighters and bombers, and train men to fly in World War II.

They logged more than 60 million miles and flew every all 78 types of military aircraft during World War II.

Thirty-eight of these brave Fly Girls died serving our nation, with one still missing to this day.

And while General Hap Arnold strongly supported making them members of the military, for years they were DENIED their rightful status as veterans.

Their service remained sealed & classified for 35 years, their stories were forgotten, and the legacy of the "Forgotten Airforce" was almost LOST TO HISTORY.

That's why your support for the National WASP WWIIM Museum is so important.

If you believe, as I do, that the pioneering spirit of America's early pilots is an important part our national character, then I urge you to join with me in supporting a museum dedicated to honoring this very special group of pilots and inspiring future generations of women.

The Women Airforce Service PilotsThe National WASP WWII Museum is in the process of a major expansion that will feature interactive exhibits and a teaching theater, and tell the important history of women in aviation from the early barnstormers to today's female pilots.

Every Memorial Day weekend the Museum hosts a HOMECOMING that WASP from around the nation attend.

Sadly, the number of Fly Girls who are able attend HOMECOMING goes down each year. While it's true you and I can't defeat "father time," we can make sure these women are permanently remembered.

That's all these women want from you and me.

Beyond ferrying aircraft, test flying planes, towing targets for military training, and training the men who would go to war in the skies of Europe and the Pacific, their legacy helped make it possible for women like me to fly and serve our nation.

Please help keep their memory, their story, and their spirit alive by supporting the Museum Expansion. This is as much about honoring these Fly Girls as it is about inspiring young women for generations to come.

I urge you to join with me in honoring the Fly Girls who contributed so much to our nation. Thanks so much.

      With gratitude,
        Major Heather Penney, USAF (Ret.)
      Major Heather Penney, USAF (Ret.)

Who's Donating:   Brian A. from Virginia