Memorials and Honorariums

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Memorial donations have been made to the National WASP World War II Museum on behalf of the following:

In Memory of Megan M. Mackoway
Weisenberger, Mr. and Mrs.
Mackoway, Bonnilyn

In Memory of Major James Truitt Howell, Ret.
Stagg, Elizabeth W.
Jacobs, Paul
Putman, Paul

In Memory of WASP Betty Jo Reed
Ruth Mulbach
Miller, Betsy
Johnson, Bill & Susan
Duff, Sandra
Marx/Okubo Associates
Clark, Melissa
Lombardi, Cindy

In Memory of WASP Mary Rosso Lewis
Witt, Metvin
Holbrook, Mark

In Memory of WASP Marie Michell Robinson
Buckley, Michael

In Memory of WASP Mildred Alice Toner Chapin
Benwood Foundation

In Memory of WASP Hazel Caldwell
Presbyterian Matthews Hc*
Greenwood, Thomas
Whitaker, Andrew
Hart, John
Masters, Pamela
Dewar, Karan
Pracht, Barbara M.

In Honor of WASP Mildred Doyle
Waddington, Kendra

In Memory of Major Rex Nelson
White, Charles

In Memory of Della Light
Bluebonnet-Cottonwood TEEA Club

In Honor of WASP Mary Reineberg Burchard
Mullins, Susan

In Honor of WASP Mary Alice Vandeventer
Shiever, Jerry & Susan
Vinson, Sam & Diane
Putnam, Julia
Bennett, Dorothy
Russell, Robby
Thomas, Thurman
Swenson, Jill
Kelly, Joyce
Barton, Winnie
Cobb, R C
Prewit, Monica
Williams, Teena
Taylor, Donald Ray
Agee, Jeffrey
Hargrove, Ms. Billie

In Memory of Harriet Monde
Shuler, Sandy
Harvey, Martha
Hager, Kim
Lee, Nedra
Kiwanis Club of Sweetwater
Flippo, Edith

In Memory of Morris Guelker
Henderson, Tom

In Memory of WASP Betty Lotowycz
Nogle, Archie
Feinberg, Franke

In Memory of Valene Kiker
Johnson, Bill & Susan
Harvey, Martha

In Memory of WASP Millie Dalrymple
Draper, Debby

In Honor of WASP Margaret B. Neym*
Smyth, Fred

In Honor of Bill Johnson
Texas National Bank Employees

In Memory of WASP Millie Dalrymple
Doyle, WASP Mildred
Turpin, Catherine G.
Cofer, Carol
Gammage, Lynda
Urey, Joe
Hoagland, Winifred
Wolff, William
Simpson, Dorothy

In Memory of WASP Lelia Pearl Bragg Chamberlain
Doering, Tracey
Fassler, Cheryl

In Memory of WASP Barbara Robinson
Beechcraft Heritage Museum

In Honor* of WASP Connie Walker
Collins, Paul E.

In Honor* of WASP G. Marcia Wenzel Milner
Walsh, Louise S.

In Honor of Sharron Davis
St. Louis Forum

In Memory of John A. “Jack” Humphries, Jr.
Yenni, Norman
Manner, Thomas
Lyons, Martha
Trutman, Konrad
Phels, Lynn

In Memory of Barbara J. Pinjuv
Col. George I Pinjuv USAF (Ret.)

In Memory of WASP Betty Martin
The Garcia Family

In Memory of Cassidy Moore
Dewart, Lewis

In Memory of Betty J. Myers
Col. Lawrence Myers USAR (Ret.)

In Memory of Margaret Lewis
Walker, Phyllis

In Memory of Audrey Jagon
Jagow, Norman

In Memory of WASP Margaret Seip
Campion, J.P.

In Memory of WASP Grace Clark Fender
Clark, Robert A.

In Memory of Mary Sisk
Fletcher Sisk, Jr.

In Memory of Ruth Schutte
Women Veterans Yountville, CA

In Memory of Evelyn Walter
Women Veterans Yountville, CA

In Memory of WASP & Lt. Col. Virginia Sweet
William W. Cooper

In Memory of Jackie Brown Donohue
Fraser, Jacqueline

In Memory of Rosemary Luecke
Luecke, Howard

In Memory of WASP Violet Thurn Cowden
Fullerton Chapter of 99s

In honor of Kathleen Lynn Jaffe
Jaffe, Machael

In Memory of Miss Warnock
Young, James

In Memory of Helen Sellers
Maj. Edjar Walsh USAF (Ret.)

In Memory of Stanley Francis Bloyer
Bloyer, Stan

In Memory of Elizabeth Bernath Hobbs
Hobbs, Betty H.

In Honor of Thelma Miller
Funk, Richard

In Honor of Dorothy Evers Bosh
Robbins, James

In Honor of Raybon Kindrich
Karen Gueneith Kindrich Stanley

In Honor of Glen E. Bryan
Bryan, Hayes R.

In Honor of Mary Wyall
Pellegreno, Ann Holtgren

In Honor of Maxine Flournoy
Williams, Bette D.

In memory of their aunt, WASP Hazel Ying Lee who was killed flying for our country.
by Gregory Chann, Stuart Chann, Randall Chann, Jeffrey Chann, Katherine Chann

In Honor of WASP Marion Stegeman Hodgson
by Elizabeth Bourland Hawley

In Memory of Col. John A. Humphries, Jr., USAF (Ret.)
by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Manner, Lynn & C.D. Phelps, Nadine & Norm Yenni, C. Dan Campbell

WASP Instructor Gilbert (Gib) M. Geurin
by Nephew, Richard Smith

WASP Instructor James Robert (J.R.) Smith
by Son, Richard Smith

WASP Cornelia Fort
by Gary Patton

CPO Charles Wm. Ebersole (Senior Chief, Aviation Metalsmith)
by Michael Ebersole

WASP Kate Lee Adams, 44-W-2
by WASP Ann Moss

WASP Esther Mueller Ammerman, 43-W-8
by Huldah Sunday School Class, Deer ParK Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

WASP Marie Barrett, 43-W-7
by Pat Brown

Cpl Cecil G Bennett USAAC
by Roy Bates

WASP Helen C. Cannon
by Ms. Helene Amos

WASP Lois B. Hailey
by Patricia B. Peckham, Argyle, Texas

WASP Margaret Bernhardt
by Lois A. Powers, KOS PLUS Secretary

WASP Frances Green Kari 43-W-5
by Grace Young

In Memory of Dorothy (Brown) Ordway
by Harold F. Ordway, Jr.

WASP Jane Tedeschi
by Bethany Women’s Bowling League

In memory of WASP Sylvia Bredall Barter
by Tom & Carolynn Petersen

In honor of WASP Mary Vandeventer
by Citizens of Lueders, Texas

In Honor of WASP Lovelle Richards Benesh, 43-W-1
by Major Ira Cline, C-17 IP, USAF

In Honor of WASP Evelyn “Pinky” Brier, 44-W-9
by Joyce Hanson