Homecoming 2013 – 70th Anniversary

WASP Group Photo

WASP from Left to Right: Florence (Shutsy) Reynolds 44-5, Elizabeth Strohfus 44-1, Betty Archibald Fernandes 43-3, Dorothy (Smith) Lucas 44-7, Kathleen A. Hilbrandt 44-10, Florence Rubin Elion Mascott 44-10T, Jean Terrell McCreery 44-10, Nell S. (Micky) Bright 43-7, Penny Halberg 44-6, Adeline Ellison 43-6, Margot H. deMoss 44-5, Mary Helen Chapman Foster 44-3, Mary Alice Vandeventer 44-7, Meriem Roby Anderson 44-4, Dorothy (Dot) Swain Lewis 44-5, Bernice “Bee” Falk Haydu 44-7, Not Pictured: Jerrie Philips Badger 44-10

HUGE Success due to these:


Meriem Roby Anderson 44-W-4
Jerrie Philips Badger 44-W-10
Nell S. Bright 43-W-7
Margot H. deMoss 44-W-5
Adeline Ellison 43-W-6
Betty Archibald Fernandes 43-W-3
Mary Helen Chapman Foster 44-W-3
Penny Halberg 44-W-6
Bernice Falk Haydu 44-W-7
Kathleen A. Hilbrandt 44-W-10
Dorothy “Dot” Swain Lewis 44-W-5
Dorothy A. (Smith) Lucas 44-W-7
Florence Rubin Elion Mascott 44-W-10T
Jean Terrell McCreery 44-W-10
Florence G. Shutsy-Reynolds 44-W-5
Elizabeth Strohfus 44-W-1
Mary Alice Vandeventer 44-W-7

Military Escort

MSgt Cory Riley
SSgt Elizabeth Mann
AIC Kellie Colarik
SSgt Jonathan McAtee
TSgt Aanda Debkowski
AMN Patrick Evans
AIC Giorgia Mikeala San Jose
SSgt Veronica Gomez
MSgt Jamie Wilkerson
AIC Teehl Walker
SRA Christine Roby
SRA Nicola Marrone
MSgt Adam Nance
MSgt Robert Furbush
AIC Dallas Conrad
SSgt Kelli Tompkins
ZIC Marco Villa
Capt Megan Tovado
SRA Jonathan Royder
LTC Leslie Hadley
SMSgt Gina Lewis
Col Sandy Opeka USAF Ret

Julia Wood

Julia Wood, pilot from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum and Kate Kyer UPS-757 Captain in a PT-19

Sunset Fly

Historic C-47 owned and flown by Scott Glover and crew


Charles and Peggy Tucker in their AT-6 from Waterproof, Louisiana

Raising Flag

Dyess Air Force Base Color Guard at Memorial Ceremony

Maj. Caroline Jensen

Featured Guest Speaker

Maj. Caroline Jensen, is in her first season with the U. S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, “Thunderbirds,” and flies the No. 3 jet as the team’s Right Wing.
Major Jensen earned her commission in 1998 as a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Before her assignment to the team, she served as assistant flight commander & T-38 instructor pilot in the 97th Flying Training Squadron, Sheppard AFB, TX. She has logged more than 2,500 hours as an Air Force pilot, including 210 combat hours during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Major Jensen hails from River Falls, Wisc.

Flags at National WASP Museum

Flags provided by donors on display at National WASP Museum.

Planes Arriving

Planes arriving for Homecoming 2013

Homecoming visitors fly in C-47

Homecoming visitors fly in C-47.

Museum Flag Celebrating Homecoming

Museum Flag Celebrating Homecoming

Rein-actors of ferry visitors

Re-inactors ferry visitors to airplane rides in WWII jeep.

Pilot Julia Wood

Pilot Julia Wood

C-47 Aircraft

Visitors photographing festivities from C-47 Aircraft.

Jennifer Lenches

12th Armored Museum Re-inactor Jennifer Lenches

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